Frequently Asked Questions


Do you know that ‘fresh seafood’ is a myth? Do you know what ‘food miles’ are? What is an expert take on nutritious seafood? Is seafood sold in open safe? Which is the best method to preserve seafood? What difference does packaging make? There are a lot of answers you must know to make an informed decision about buying your fish. Hence, we at Daily Fish recommend, almost insist, that you go through the following FAQs carefully. After all, more you know about the seafood you eat, the better.

What does Daily Fish supply? Fresh or frozen seafood?

‘Fresh seafood’ is a myth unless it is cooked and eaten on the fishing boat itself. In fact, there’s no such thing as fresh seafood. We supply ‘As good as Live’ seafood through our world-class cold chain network which travels through what is technically called the ‘Food Miles’ preserving all the freshness and nutrients.

Fresh Seafood a myth? Now that’s surprising. Why so?

Where do you find ‘real’ fresh seafood? Every catch is either partially frozen using ice or frozen ‘As good as Live’ to international standards like what we do at Daily Fish. The boats which spend time at sea, fishing, landing and auctioning of a catch by traders, journey to store or street vendor and from there to your dining table, takes a few days. In scientific terms the time seafood takes to journey from ‘catch’ to ‘kitchen’ is called Food Miles which determines the quality of seafood.

So, does ‘Food Miles’ have a direct connection with the quality of seafood?

Of course. Seafood starts spoiling quickly in open immediately after the catch or when partially frozen in ice. And in a couple of days, there is a noticeable change in quality, texture and taste. In fact, fully frozen seafood is ‘As good as Live’, because, it spends most of the Food Miles with its quality, nutrition and goodness intact.

What about decay, spoilage and other stuff on storage?

Yes, let’s face the facts. There are parasites, bacteria etc that cause fast decay and spoilage in seafood in open conditions. This decay continues to occur until the fish is either cooked or frozen. Cooking kills the parasites and germs too, but then why carry them to the cooking pot when you have Daily Fish which is ‘As good as Live’.

You must be adding preservatives and other chemicals to preserve the fish?

No way. Our State-of-art freezing technology is the best process for seafood. And there are international standards of processing that Daily Fish follows.

How are Daily Fish products processed?

State of art technologies that are being used for the processing of seafood in our factories is: IQF, Brine freezing (?) and Blast freezing etc. We also strictly monitor and control the cold chain from our factory to the destination, thus meeting all standards and maintaining the quality of the product.

What is IQF?

IQF stands for ‘Individually Quick Frozen’ processing in the food industry. In this process, each piece of food is frozen individually. The method in which the products are frozen involves sending the individual food items into a blast-freezer with -40°c temperature which freezes the item very quickly and as a single piece. Keeping the better quality and nutrition locked in each individual piece.

This process is conducted because the food items start decaying and lose nutrients and goodness at a much faster rate at room temperature. Through IQF process these are locked-in till they are consumed.

How about nutrition and other things?

Fish is a great source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, omega-3 amino acids, which are heart healthy and overall nutritious. All these remain intact along with freshness when frozen. In open conditions, they deteriorate fast. In fact, freezing preserves the high-protein, cholesterol-fighting properties in fish.

So frozen seafood it is. Right?

Well, two things. For one, you have the first-hand experience of buying the seafood. You are aware of hygiene conditions in which fish is sold in local markets, roadside vendors and other stalls.

Second is about freezing. It has to be state-of-art technology. Daily Fish products go through the following chain:

Did you mention packaging?

Packaging is very important. Contact with atmospheric air is responsible for the decay of the fish. Wear and tear of the packaging cause spoilage. Daily Fish takes care of it all. What you get is secured in top-of-the-line double packaging.

Will all this cost me more?

Not at all. You pay at par with market prices. Moreover, you will enjoy customer privileges and promos Daily Fish offers, like Fish Coin, Catch of the day, Refer a Friend and many more.

What about storage and cooking? Any instructions?

Yes, storing, thawing, cooking and restoring are very important yet very simple to follow:

Daily Fish should be cooked only after proper Thawing as detailed below:

Immerse the Airtight packet in normal water for approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the Fish. Open the Packet, Ensure it is fully thawed, Rinse with Water and proceed to cook your favourite dish.

For Part Use: Take only the required quantity and follow thawing instructions as detailed above.

Meanwhile, please put the balance Frozen Fish in an airtight container or zip lock bag (can also use Daily Fish Outer packet and airtight it) and store back in FREEZER compartment of your fridge.


What about delivery?

You can schedule your home delivery according to your convenience. So, no hassles.

Delivery slots:

Delivery slots are city dependent and it is subjected to changes. see the current slots here Delivery Slots

Kindly place orders at least an hour prior to the chosen slot

Currently, we cover Kochi, Trivandrum, Kottayam and Bengaluru. Please check the delivery locations given on this website or by entering your pin code.

Any delivery charges?

Yes, we have a delivery charge of Rs.30 per order.

Any special promo for first order?

Yes, there are lots of offers always in dailyfish. you can get referral money, fishcoins, discount coupons and lots more exciting offers at the time you sign up!

What if I have to cancel my order?

You can cancel it before the order is dispatched and get your money credited back into your online account for future purchases.

Can I return my order?

Certainly. If you are unhappy with the product you can register a complaint by calling our helpline number +91 9020022222 or email us at Just make sure that packaging is not damaged when you take delivery, though there are very little chances of that happening.

How do I get my money back?

If your order is cancelled or returned, in case of prepaid order your Daily Fish will be credited with the paid amount for future purchases.

How do I register with Daily Fish?

Login to our home page – Select new customer on the top right of the website home page. Register and fill in the details. On successful registration, an e-mail and SMS will be sent to you for confirmation. You need to click on the link you received in your email to activate your account.

Why should I register?

Your purchase can be completed only after registration of your account. It would also help you to earn Fish Coins, Fish Coupons for referrals, to ‘catch’ discounts, promos offers and more.

Your credentials will be mailed to you. You can use the same to log in to our website any time later.