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This is the story of the great tasting fish that reaches your doorstep everyday from Daily Fish Kerala’s finest online seafood store. Behind every authentic fish the reaches your doorstep lies a legacy of 49 years of international quality seafood export from the house of baby marine

Why we deliver to your doorstep and not in stores?

What is Bacterial Growth and how
does it affect the fish?

What is Cold Chain?

Cold chain is a temperature- controlled process whereby the fish is kept under +4.4 degree Celsius to prevent damage due to bacterial growth from the time your fish is caught till it is delivered to your doorstep.

1. Sourcing

Our strength for the last 49 years has always being the procurement of fish directly from the fishermen. We source only the best quality fish below a core temperature of +4.4 degree Celsius, using imported temperature recorders to avoid natural bacterial multiplication

2. Arrival at the factory

The sourced fish are transported to our nearby air- conditioned processing factories, which are strategically located right next to where the fish is caught, to keep the fish at the best quality.

3. Air conditioned processing factories

Our processing factories are all air- conditioned at an optimum temperature to maintain the core temperature of +4.4 degree Celsius in the sourced fish.

4. Freezing

At the processing factory, the sourced fish is immediately deep frozen to -40degree Celsius using imported freezers. This helps the fish attains a core temperature of -18 degree Celsius, which arrests all further growth of bacteria

5. Transportation to hub

The fish, with a core temperature of -18 degree Celsius is then transported in refrigerated trucks to various delivery hubs located at strategic points. This help us to make last minute delivery to your door step as quickly as possible, maintaining the core temperature and nutrients of the fish intact.

6. Storage at hub

All the fish are stored at -18 degree Celsius in the distribution hubs. Each hub is connected with an auto back up generator, which automatically starts in case of power failure, in order to ensure the core temperature and safety of the fish.

7. Delivery bag with temperature monitoring

Your fish is delivered at your door step in delivery bags which are custom designed with imported temperature recorders tested to withstand the temperature fluctuations up to 5 hours.

What is Freezing?

How does freezing help?

What do we use double packaging?

Where we located?

Our strength for the last 49 years has always been the procurement of Fish directly from the fishermen. We have strategically located our processing factories (as mentioned below) right nect to where the fish is caught to keep the fish at the best quality.

Malpe, Karnataka   which is just 50 meters away from India’s 2nd largest Fishing Harbor.

Mandapam, Tamilnadu is surrounded by Bay of Bengal

Kozhikode, Kerala the land of the tastiest seer Fish.

Kochi, Kerala right next to Thoppumpady Fishing Harbor is our  4th facility.

To get the best Amberjack (Punnarameen) or Black Pomfret Mumbai coast is the best.

India’s best white Pomfret is available in Gujarat coast.

How do strategically located factories help?

What is distribution hub?

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